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November 14 2022

Exploring Pathways to an International Agreement to Leave Fossil Fuels in the Ground

It is increasingly recognised (even if not always in public) that the goals of the Paris Agreement w...

October 21 2022

The international recognition of environmental rights: companies’ obligations

Today's environmental and social challenges make it more necessary than ever to strengthen the envir...

October 28 2021

Framing International Environmental law through the Gender Lens

In view of the 2022 Declaration, this paper calls for a change of perspective: to frame internationa...

October 26 2021

Where is 'Earth' 50 years after Stockholm?

There are many gaps in international environmental law, but the largest and most worrisome exists be...

October 05 2021

Overhauling our Tax Regimes for a Sustainable Future

The 2022 Declaration should promote tax regimes based on an approach that looks to reestablish consu...

June 18 2021

Green Consumption Rights Should Be Incorporated Into International Law

The combination of little corporate green responsibility and insufficiently empowered citizens is ca...