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Eeshan Chaturvedi

Eeshan Chaturvedi
  • From : India
  • Founder of EnviPol and Co-Director of the GPODS Fellowship
  • E-mail : eeshan@alumni.stanford.edu
Eeshan Chaturvedi is an environmental and energy lawyer, and scholar. He is the Founder-Director of the Environmental Consultancy Firm ‘EnviPol’ (envipol.org), Co-Director of the Global Policy, Diplomacy, and Sustainability (GPODS) Fellowship (gpods.org), Assistant Dean at the Jindal School of Environment and Sustainability, and also Member of prestigious global organizations such as the World Commission on Environmental Law; International Association for Water Law, Rome; Global Network for Human Rights and Environment, and Global Policy Insights. He also holds a Masters in Environmental Law and Policy from Stanford Law School, where he was selected as a Rising Environmental Leaders Fellow. 
In his free time, he enjoys poetry and discussions on astrophysics and geo-politics.