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Climate change litigation

February 19 2024

Greening Rights : Progress, Reflections, and Future Horizons

The human right to a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment traces its roots back to the 1972 S...

December 25 2023

Environmental Rights and Future Generations

Environmental harm done today will undeniably affect future generations. How can we make sure their ...

October 05 2023

The Escazú Agreement Contribution to Environmental Justice in Latin America: An Exploration Through the Lens of Climate Litigation

The adoption and entry into force of the Escazú Agreement marked a milestone for environmental and ...

August 30 2023

Green Human Rights and Common Interest

The establishment and further development of environmental human rights is an important component of...

December 16 2021

Ecocide as a fifth crime at the International Criminal Court

This criminal law route can therefore provide an enforceable deterrent to underpin and support UNFCC...