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The Green Diplomacy Blog is written by jurists for diplomats to feed international environmental law ongoing discussions with actionable legal proposals. This is not an academic blog but an action-oriented blog. Submitted articles are meant to contain proposals upon which diplomats could act.

Guidelines for submission


  • Actionable content: the content of the contributions is expected to be concrete, precise, and directly related to international environmental governance. Contributions should include actionable proposals pertaining to the international environmental law field, for example as to its development or its governance. Green Diplomacy is an action-oriented blog, not an academic one.
  • Intelligible style: publications are expected to be intelligible by diplomats, with a self-contained writing style that is sufficiently comprehensible by jurists and non-jurists alike.
  • Key Proposals: in addition to the text of the article itself, submissions should be complemented by a short text summarizing the contribution’s key proposals in two or three bullet points.
  • Language: the language of publication is English.


  • Length: the length of a contribution should be between 1000 and 2000 words, inclusive of any references.
  • Footnotes: footnotes may be used on the Blog. However, it is preferable that all references be included through hyperlinks. No distinction is made between endnotes and footnotes.
  • Headings: if the contribution has subdivisions, they should be numbered 1.1 (then 1.1.1, 1.1.2, …), 1.2, etc. The introduction is not included in section numbering. Headings should be in bold.
  • Citations: citations and references should be put in parentheses immediately after the propositions or quotations that they support.
  • Hyperlinks: insert embedded hyperlinks to relevant supporting material and legal texts, including statutes, treaties, and cases. In Word, hyperlinks can be easily embedded by selecting text, right-clicking, and choosing the link option in the contextual menu.


  • Author profile: if this is your first time contributing to Green Diplomacy, we will create your author profile. Please submit a short biography ranging from 100 to 200 words, including if applicable a hyperlink to your professional web page and details of any LinkedIn or Twitter profile you may have. Please also attach a color photo of yourself to your email. You may additionally send any other photographs that are relevant to the content of your post as well as a recent picture.
  • Key words: a short list of key words must also be included to ensure proper referencing of the article.
  • Revisions: contributors can expect to be asked to revise their contributions and publication is never guaranteed.