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A Fresh New Start: The Green Diplomacy Blog

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Pathway to the 2022 Declaration becomes... the Green Diplomacy Blog ! Welcome to our new platform for a closer dialogue between jurists and diplomats around International Environmental Law !

A Fresh New Start: The Green Diplomacy Blog

We are launching our groundbreaking blog, Green Diplomacy! Get prepared for this major place of discussions to broaden its scope to international environmental law.

Our former blog “Pathway to the 2022 Declaration” is evolving to “Green Diplomacy”! As you may recall, this blog written by jurists aims to provide diplomats with actionable legal proposals.

In the context of the recognition of the right to a healthy environment as a human right by the Human Rights Council and the UN General Assembly, the blog is also now broadening its scope to international environmental law and governance. It is still an action-oriented blog written by jurists for diplomats as its purpose is to feed ongoing discussions with legal proposals, targeting an audience primarily composed of significant diplomats as well as other relevant stakeholders such as NGOs, business representatives, and state actors.

This blog is a useful tool, reinforcing dialogue between jurists and diplomats.

It will continue to give a voice to eminent personalities (see the members of the Advisory Board and the contributors), as we are honored to count with the support of an Advisory Board composed of renown international environmental law professionals. It is chaired by Laurent Fabius and includes Antonio Benjamin, Christina Voigt, David Boyd, Manuel Pulgar Vidal and Jeffrey Sachs, offering concrete proposals in the field of international environmental law. 

In the past two years, the blog has gained recognition and a notable level of dissemination, with close to 4000 subscribers to the newsletter as well as numerous readings and re-shares. And we are convinced that broadening the subjects of the blog will make it more famous among diplomats of all countries.

Our goal: to advance international environmental law and governance to meet the challenges of today.

We hope the new scope of this blog will pick your interest and that you will follow new publications with great enthusiasm!